Optimize your Factory in the Industrial Metaverse

footage courtesy of BMW Group

footage courtesy of BMW Group

Synchronized Digital Twins 

Ensuring sustainability along the product life cycle and across value chains

Digital Twins are virtual counterparts of pysical objects and processes, they reflect current or future states. They can be used in all manufacturing domains to support decision making in order to reduce waste using visualization, simulation and artifical intelligence.  

SyncTwin provides tools and services to build and synchronize holistic digital twins in the Industrial Metaverse based on NVIDIA Omniverse.

The SyncTwin Portal enables small and midsized companies to create and connect holistic digital twins starting with an excel file or PDF document.

The NVIDIA Omniverse platform helps companies such as BMW to plan and optimize their production in real time.

The SyncTwin Viewer is a digital tool based on the Unreal game engine that enables to visualize and combine different realtime data sources into one holistic digital twin


Perfect products without waste

Safe Access

3D Visualization


material flow control

Direct Analysis

Always accessible

Real-World Relevance

SyncTwin is proud to be a part of the holistic digital twin for manufacturing at BMW in the iFactory program.

We have created the Omniverse connector for ipolog  which is used by BMW to plan production logistics for their factories around the world.

Use our intuitive, lightweight tools with your existing data and files to create a digital twin that is compatible with the NVIDIA Omniverse.

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