a portal with tools to create your digital factory twin, a factory viewer to share and collaborate

Your Connection to the Industrial Metaverse

Experience a holistic digital twin to streamline your production planning toolset

In the manufacturing metaverse, planners can work together in a holistic digital factory twin. This helps to minimize waste in product manufacturing and minimize friction losses in projects. All planning is simulated virtually in the metaverse and then the real world is adapted to implement these changes. While these changes are implemented, the next scenario is planned and reviewed in the metaverse again and the next planning cycle is started.

The SyncTwin Portal enables a kickstart into the industrial metaverse for small and midsized companies by providing  a growing set of web apps to quickly and easily create a holistic digital factory twin based using existing sources like Excel, PDF and Visio. 

Customers with an existing NVIDIA Omniverse environment can download KIT Extensions which create interoperable digital twin components based on the Open Source Universal Scene Descritption (USD) format.

The SyncTwin Factory Viewer is a digital tool based on Unreal Engine which enables to visualize  a holistic digital factory twin from different data sources.  The viewer combines realtime data supplied by MQTT with digital twin models from the NVIDIA Omniverse. 

Manufacturing sites, organizations and suppliers can view and update a digital twin of production networks – in real time ! This saves time and prevents costly misunderstandings.

The SyncTwin Factory Viewer can be used with a CAD workstation or as a cloud-based solution. 

Do you face the following challenges?


Frictional losses due to missing/incomplete/out-of-date data in Excel, Powerpoint or Visio


Delays in planning, as missing/current data must first be requested and supplied


Lack of overview for all parties involved in planning complex processes


Different planning statuses in different domains have to be reconciled in a lengthy and time-consuming process


Complex planning tools that cannot communicate with each other


Requirements are becoming increasingly complex and interwoven


Isolated solutions for parts of the planning might not take all requirements into account

We understand these challenges and developed our solutions with them in mind! We are passionate about enabling perfect products along their life cycle and across supply chains. We would love to discuss your unique use case and answer any questions you may have about your factory and the future of the industrial metaverse.


We provide a portal to give you a kickstart into the industrial metaverse and a digital twin viewer to view and share your digital factory twin.

NVIDIA Omniverse & USD

We create tools and connectors to connect your environment to the NVIDIA Omniverse platform leveraging the Universal Scene Description (USD)

Streamline production planning

We help you streamline the different aspects of your production planning toolset.

Customer support

We make it our mission to help you on your journey to a manufacturing metaverse.